Our Story

Literature is the art of discovering something extraordinary about ordinary people, and saying with ordinary words something extraordinary. ~Boris Pasternak

Literature is one of the amazing wondrous creations we enjoy.  As best friends we are constantly discussing our ideas about our writings and critiques of our human experience. What brought us together ultimately, was the secure foundation that we whole-heartedly believe that Love Wins.  When we finally met our first discussion was directly relating to the themes and ideas behind this book. You could say this book brought us together, in an intimate setting at the Downtown Market to talk for hours about how our lives intertwined with this book. It brought us our connection.

Yet, how did that connection happen? Was it instantaneous? I would like to think it was a slow build. We met at a work training, but we didn’t quite connect there. We had a few accidental meetings afterward and then a book was dropped off for me at the library. The inside flap only stated,

 I hope this book brings you joy. ~Tom

Jessica was instantly flabbergasted and tried to get into contact with Tom after reading the book. Most men she knew wouldn’t wouldn’t go out of there way to drop off a book, much less put zero pressure on contacting them if they didn’t like the book! Jessica tried to get into contact with Tom, and an email mishap took place, but it didn’t deter their impending relationship. Tom’s wooing of Jessica came to resulting in a wonderful first date, when he took her out to Schuler Books & Music.

From there—-we’ve had serendipitous timing in meetings in locations all around the Midwest. The famous moment of fated meeting was when Jessica was on her way to Chicago and Tom was driving to a wedding in St. Louis. They realized that along I-94-W, they both pulled off at same exit automatically. The reason they may have never met is Tom prefers Dunkin Donuts which is on the left of the highway exit, and Jessica prefers Starbucks, which is to the right. That brilliant moment cemented the deepening of our relationship. Our major common interests include traveling and we were united in our love for music from the start. If you like great music—-here was our engagement drive playlist Tom made for Jessica:


We’re excited to have each and everyone a part of this special celebration!

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