Joseph Liddell


I’m glad I’m part of this wedding. I know Tom is going to have his hands full making my sister happy, which, Tom and I first laughed about when I made him admit that my sister was a diva. On a more serious note, My father, a pastor, has a wide range of influence. My sister and I grew up in a competitive world navigating music, academia, sports, and even the christian realm. My sister has always taken her own path, and that is reflected in how she grew up. She has transitioned from an odd child to blossoming into as Maya Angelou would say: Phenomenal Woman. Furthermore, I have seen her always treat her friends straightforwardly. She hasn’t ever used deceit, manipulation, or duplicity to get her way. I know this by experience because when my sister and I were not on speaking terms, she has always dealt with me honorably. She is 100% authentic to herself. Many of my own community will disagree with my sister’s views on race, sex, religion, and marriage, but that is who she is, and she makes no apologies. She has my unwavering loyalty, friendship, and devotion as she goes forth in this endeavor with Tom.


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