Veil Styles & Hair

I’m obsessed with drop veils and Alencon lace. The featured image can be found here. Wedding planning has definitely taught me specialty details that I never knew existed in the wedding fashion world. I first visited the history books to look up behind this particular lace. Of course, France invented this lavish lace. Currently, this lace is still very popular by designers for weddings. Here’s a blog post from around 2012, talking about the trend of drop veils. Famous celebrities have also worn drop veils, notably, Grace Kelly and Katherine Middleton. I also adore how sweet the lace makes the face look, when you add that Alencon style.  

I can’t help it. I love lace—and I feel drop veils have this western elegance. My veil is somewhat the same, somewhat different—and I’m excited to wear it. I also got it off Etsy from a seller who hand makes veils, so I’m extra excited about that fact! I still haven’t made up my mind about hair. It will be some-type of up-do—-but I have a few choices:

Option A: Side Bun                                    Option B: Side Ponytail

It was fun talking about how the veil would fit, and if I would wear anything to accent it. I was obsessed with flower crowns for awhile—-but I think with the lace, that crown will just sit out.