One Month Away: Reflection

God invented desserts for that very reason: stress! Who even cares about wedding diets—

It was pretty cool to be in a wedding where you get to see the bride handle stress well. I got to see my good friend Jenna just handle her resplendent wedding day with a chill vibe. I’ll be excited to be at that point by the wedding day!

I’ll be completely okay with things going wrong on my wedding day. I am actually anticipating all the many things I’m going to forget. I’m not a Type A person, and I’m going to enjoy how imperfectly imperfect the day will be! I just think it’s the last minute checklist that has me in knots. Making sure all of x, y, and z has been ordered. Mapping out designs and going through all the final checklist for the big day. I hope everyone will enjoy celebrating our union.

Language of Flowers Part Two: Bouquet Meaning

Lavender-Stock-Stem-500_81e16916I finally got a listing of flowers back from the florist. My wedding bouquet will be an varied arrangement of the following:

  • Lavendar & Yellow Roses = Enchantment at First Sight, Joy/Friendship, Promise of a new Beginning
  • Hydrangeas = Understanding
  • Stock = Contentment, Bonds of Affection/(Lasting Beauty)
  • Alstroemeria = Devotion, Loyalty
  • Freesia  = Innocence
  • Brunia = Chivalrous

I think my bouquet does a great job on symbolizing our relationship. It’s interesting to note, that some flowers meanings have been changed over time, just like in the English language, where they go between positive and negative meanings. The language of flowers is absolutely fascinating, and I’m happy that I was able to find many different symbolism thanks to the Knot, the Language of, and Morrison Gardens.

Formal Invitations

I was able to start mailing out formal invitations.

I even learned something interesting about global postage. Apparently, you can’t buy a stamp back due to it being “out of the country”— I just hope my international guests know to RSVP online. 😀

Furthermore, I’m really excited that the picture book: The Case for Loving: the fight for Interracial Marriage is now published. It’s the cutest book, and will definitely be a book for my future collection. I love it because it succinctly explains  the history of marrying outside your race in America. Interracial marriages had to go to the SUPREME COURT—the highest court in the land if a non-white person wanted to marry a white person—-especially if you wanted to LIVE IN THE SOUTH. That just wasn’t done. I’ve heard it growing up, and many of my friends did as well—-all the murmurings:

Mess around, date around, you just know NOT to bring ’em home.

If you need that interpretation, it means you can have your fun in the name of “dating” but if you’re thinking of settling down—-just say no, find yourself a nice person of your said race—and marry them. The New York Times did an AMAZING piece on the Lovings, and here is the Wikipedia article if you just want the facts. There is also a Loving Day organization built of volunteers and enthusiasts who want to promote and honor what the Loving family stood for. It’s so exciting to see the build up of diverse books! The publishing world can keep ’em coming! ❤


The Language of Flowers

Saturday morning, I had my florist consultation appointment. I didn’t know what to expect, but after hearing the florist say she’s been doing this for seventeen years, I completely relaxed. It was very insightful into the nature of floral arrangements. I just remembered taking flower arranging in Home Economics, entering a competition, and FAILING. I knew flower arranging wasn’t for me! Fortunately, the florist knew her stuff and we were set in about an hour. Here are some things I learned from my experience:

Are you into flowers?

My response is they all look nice. I couldn’t tell a peony from an pansy—-okay, maybe I could, but I wouldn’t say I knew if they stacked up great together. I was surprised to find out (from my maid of honor) how particular one can be about what flowers they want in their arrangement. As long as I can hold it—-it should be fine. She did a great job of asking for my thoughts (which I deferred to my coordinator). I think the colors will look somewhat like the bouquets pictured below:

InStyle Weddings: Elan Flowers  The downtown Manhattan florist combines white peonies and cream spray roses with pastel lavender sweet peas for a subtle yet winter bouquet.    Bouquet by Elan Flowers

There will be more greens, greys, and darker purples, but this is along the lines of the color scheme

How would you like your flowers arranged? This was the most researched question, I had done out of the whole appointment. The only reason why I did this research is because Erin asked me questions about flowers and I kept going—

Who thinks about this stuff, and has made decisions?!  I’ve been out in these streets living my life—–and not concerned AT ALL with all these bouquet arrangements. Anyway, I surfed on Pinterest, and came all prepared with my bouquet choice. I told the lady, “Do you think a cascading bouquet would go well with my dress?”

Her immediate reaction:

Then she explained why. She said I’m short and small, so people wouldn’t see the bouquet as a dress accent, and more of a burden—sorta a “How is she able to hold on to all those flowers?” As much as I would like stunt and act like I could carry that big a bouquet—-while walking down the aisle:

I’m sure in actuality, it would look more like this:

I know some reactions are like “it’s your wedding, if you want a cascading bouquet, you should get one”—-but I value a professionals opinion. I appreciated her honesty. There’s already a betting pool on me falling out of a horse drawn carriage, so I’d hate to make the odds higher by adding on a really heavy bouquet—–

What would you like them wrapped in?

I’m so ignorant when it comes to weddings. I learned that between corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets, they can be wrapped in a myriad of ribbons, non ribbony—-LAWD JESUS—-I can’t believe people have actually thought of all these details. In the end, it was so nice to have help, and I’m happy with the choices I made.

What flower design would you like for table decorations?

These are still being finalized. I do know the florist recommended something light and airy:

– Floral Friday – CraspediaWe may also do planter flowers:

Wedding Bliss Simple Understated Wedding Nuptials| Serafini Amelia| Romantic Floral Centerpiece/ Vintage Books| Wedding Decor
Who knows the final decision? Thankfully, we still have time! My most exciting anticipation, is seeing the final arrangements, and looking up what their flower language means.

Engagement Shoot & Updates

Our photographer, Christine Waller, did such an amazing job in this photo shoot. I’m so glad we had this moment to experience her style before our wedding. Christine is fantastic. Tom and I are literally obsessed at how amazing she is stylistically and professionally. I couldn’t have hired a better photographer, and I’ll always be grateful to Erin for suggesting her.  The photos she captured of us, our style, does a great snapshot into our lives. I do want to address a few issues that could be assumed, and just some fun facts about shooting an “after-the fact” engagement session.

  • We did not “match” our outfits. We never talked about our outfits. The most we discussed is we’d bring a few outfits or layers.
  • Our photographer picked a few locations. We briefly yelped the locations, and trusted our photographer. We had no idea what the decor looked like.

My outfit was picked out on behalf of my bridesmaid Neo’s best friend Kanisha. Kanisha is this AMAZING fashion guru, and I use to stalk her blog hardcore. The few times we’ve hung out, she’s always been dressed to the occasion. Actually, it’s Neo’s whole crew. They do a great job of just being so on fashion point. Anyway, I can’t thank her enough for telling me “WEAR THE RED SHOES—they elongate your legs!”

My only worry was that it would not seem believable. I obsess over stoopid things, and I read a few blogs that said the best engagement pictures are done in the moment, and not awkward photo shoots that seem super pose-y. My nerves were definitely there, and Tom’s forte is just getting me to act as if a camera isn’t there. Christine’s advice was simple: “act natural, and kiss sometimes” and I think she did an amazing job as she waited until we seemed to be in our natural habitat. I also didn’t want Tom to look like a “prop.” I think men should shine just as much as women, and I hope that was reflected in the pictures.

One other little note, most couples use their engagement photos as their “Save-the-Date” piece. Our timeline, it just did not work out. I still thought it would be a cool to have an engagement shoot—-because I think it’s nice to see couple shots before the marriage. It’s full circle kinda thing. I’m glad we had the opportunity to do that.

I’m just super happy that Tom and I made a list of wedding items that were important to us. Photography was first. I’m so it’s fantastic to see how that came true for us!

We do have a few things updated. We have one hotel released with more in the final stages. We have also updated our registry. There’s still so much left to do! We do have after-party information, and will be updating that soon, too!

Quick Note: Hotels are in the Works

My wedding planner has kept me updated on hotel reservations. Hopefully, the information should be updated soon. Everyone in America is getting married that weekend, so we are still working on hotel blocks.

We are also sorting out our registry, and that should be done before March.

According the “Everything-You’re-Supposed-To-Do” Checklist, I’m still looking pretty good. Most of the BIG details have been finalized and accounted for, just working out the little ones now!

We’re Getting There!

This wedding is truly coming together. I nailed down the hardest part: bridesmaid dresses. If you haven’t been involved in a wedding, or will be doing future wedding planning, I’ve gotten plenty of headaches over figuring out how this may look. I am all about pleasing the majority (I won’t lie), and I didn’t want my friends to grumble behind my back over prices or fit—-they may still, BUT I WANTED TO LET THEM KNOW I TRIED. I just get neurotic about this decision because I will see these pictures for the rest of my life—-and I would hate to be featured in a forum’s horror story.

Bridesmaid dresses are one of the insanest parts of a wedding. I think the factors that concern me the most (which I’ve read arguments either way are as follows):

  • Price
  • Style

I think it’s easier if you are a decisive bride who has their heart set on “this dress, or this designer…” or if you have the bride mentality of IDGAF:

I just can’t do that. My closet is too full of second hand pieces to start demanding that my friends pay for a $260+ dress. It’s so crazy to think of that being the base price and doesn’t factor in the following: shipping and handling, and/or any alterations needed. I read a whole forum of arguments from brides who demanded that “It doesn’t matter—-and if that’s what you want, and someone can’t afford it—they should not have agreed. I just think it’s completely unreasonable to ask that of my own principles. That being said the hardest part is style. I feel you can always find something in whatever color you want, but figuring out a style—-is such a headache. I just kept uttering my wedding’s motto:

Simple Sophistication

That’s my theme of this wedding. If it’s going to be a whimsical one, I want people to see the simple elegance of the day. That being said, I’m all for trends.

I also, love the idea of having “pops” of color. I’m all about trends (I’m sure my future kids will laugh at how dated I appeared), but I liked the idea of mismatched colors. I also liked the idea of tulle skirts, and may have my after party dress of that material. My colors won’t be true to the featured image, but it will be an idea of what to expect. I’m just glad to have that decision finalized.

I do have other projects in the works—the biggest ones being:

  • Save the date cards
  • Engagement Shoot
  • Catering
  • Music

I have others that are also in the works, and will be revealed over time. Now on to styling the Groomsmen!