Liz Nolan


I met Jessica back in 2010 when we were both spending our summer working at South Shore library. She always wore the cutest dresses and made me want to step up my dress game. She invited me to go on a trip to Las Vegas for a family reunion, and we had an absolute BLAST! So many fun memories, not to mention shopping adventures galore! Even as we both moved around to do our thing in the work/life arena, we still managed to stay in touch, and I’m so grateful that we did! This summer we had a chance to catch up and I learned about Tom, how they met, and the date that started it all – he sounded like a perfect match for Jess. When I found out Jess & Tom were engaged, I started screaming and jumping around the restaurant I was in. I was honored that Jess asked me to be a bridesmaid!! Can’t wait to see what happiness the future holds for Tom & Jess and can’t wait to be part of their special day!


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