Erin Byun

Maid of Honor

Jessica and I met at VanderCook College of Music. We have so many memories and more to come. She is one of the most genuine and humorous people I know. Her laugh is contagious and you can’t help but smile when you see her smiling. She tells it how it is which is something that I’ve always admired about her. We always talked about what we would do post VCM life and I am so happy to see that all her dreams are coming true. I am so excited to be a part of this wedding and am so grateful she wanted me to be a part of it despite the fact I live in NYC. I cannot wait for the big day to be here so that we can share the union of two amazing people!

Kayla Birt


I had an immediate friend-crush on Jessica while attending IU in pursuit of our Masters’ degrees– her adorable clothes and impeccable accessorizing made Jessica and I instant friends!  After finally saying ‘hi’ to Jessica I found that my life was made instantly brighter, cheerier, and never short of laughter (and lunch at Lennie’s with Jenna!).  We started a small Bible study together in grad school and have since continued staying in touch after moving away from each other. One of the funnier conversations we’ve had was when Jessica called me asking why I was in a picture with Tom’s sister and how in the world did I know the Bratt family??  I knew Tom and Jessica were meant to be from that very day!  When I’m not scouting future in-laws for my friends I am working at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA and when I’m not working I’m either reading or outside enjoying the sunshine, preferably both, and of course, preferably with Jessica. 🙂


Sarah Bratt


I clearly remember the phone call from Tom after his first “non date” that  lasted hours upon hours with Jess at the market. I could tell from the way he talked about her that something was special about her, and how true that was!! It was immediate to see the connection between Tom and Jess, and has been so great watching your relationship grow. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you Jess, and see the two of you so in love! Can’t wait to go to more movies, bake more goodies ( aka just sit and hang and eat your amazing baked goods), and to get to know you better! Welcome to the fam!

Neondra Burrell


I unfortunately made the decision to move to California last year just as Jessica and Tom took this next step in their relationship (I knew it was coming!) — though imagine my delight when Jessica approached me asking to be apart of her very special day. I love that girl more than words can ever express, and I am SO SO delighted she has someone in her life that will be a permanent fixture, someone that will tell her everyday how special and wonderful she is. Though I may not have known Jess the longest, I feel a sense of duty to ensure she is always smiling and her usual happy self and even though I haven’t formally met Tom, I feel secure with passing the task of her happiness on to him.

Jenna Goodall


I met Jessica while we were both library science grad students at IU, but it was in the great city of Chicago over a spring break that we became true friends. Since graduating, I moved to Chicago and am always thrilled when Jessica comes to visit so we can go soothe our souls with the deliciousness of Amy’s Candy Bar. In Nov. 2014, Jessica and I traveled to Austin, TX together to present at a library conference, and girl, I hope we find more time to travel together because we always end up with the best stories! I am so excited to be a part of Jessica and Tom’s big day (and equally excited that Jessica is going to be a part of MY big day a month before!). ❤

Jenny Hoeyboer


I had the pleasure of hearing about Jess before actually meeting her. I heard there was this beautiful librarian Tom met while doing a database training for the public schools. She gave him her card in case he had additional questions, which he took as a potential sign she might be interested in getting coffee (lets just say, Tom was interested in hearing about more than the database). AFter a few other events, I heard about this magical 4 hour coffee date that turned into dinner, and the rest is history. So I guess the card was a good sign. I met Jess shortly after that date and have enjoyed watching her and Tom’s growing relationship ever since. So excited to have Jess as part of the fam, and see what the future holds.

Lauren Mumphery


I’m happy to be a bridesmaid!

Liz Nolan


I met Jessica back in 2010 when we were both spending our summer working at South Shore library. She always wore the cutest dresses and made me want to step up my dress game. She invited me to go on a trip to Las Vegas for a family reunion, and we had an absolute BLAST! So many fun memories, not to mention shopping adventures galore! Even as we both moved around to do our thing in the work/life arena, we still managed to stay in touch, and I’m so grateful that we did! This summer we had a chance to catch up and I learned about Tom, how they met, and the date that started it all – he sounded like a perfect match for Jess. When I found out Jess & Tom were engaged, I started screaming and jumping around the restaurant I was in. I was honored that Jess asked me to be a bridesmaid!! Can’t wait to see what happiness the future holds for Tom & Jess and can’t wait to be part of their special day!

Jeanessa Smith


The HR director walked up to me at the library with this smiling, bouncy brown girl in a wool coat a few years ago and I immediately recognized a kindred spirit. There’s this thing called chemistry; it’s mystical and unexplainable, but very, very real. Jessica and I had instant chemistry. I took her under my wing as she was in a new city away from home and felt like her big sister, very responsible for her well-being. We laugh. We fight. We ugly-cry. It’s a beautiful thing. Unconditional friendship is a blessing and I am #teamjess4life. Tom is a lucky man; Jessica is a lucky girl. And I can’t wait to dance in celebration of their union.

Rebecca Lee Yuen

When Jessica and I met years ago, it was love at first sight for me. Those big ol’, bright eyes and her enormous smile just did me in. The very first time we hung out together, it was as natural as if we’d been friends forever. She’s the warmest, sweetest person! She, fellow bridesmaid Neo and I, along with a few others in our mutual group of girlfriends are known as The Black Sex In The City. If there is anyone I know who’s deserving of happiness it’s Jess, and I’m absolutely thrilled for her that she has found that happiness with Tom. I’m honored, touched (and way too excited) to be able to take part in their special day

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