One Month Away: Reflection

God invented desserts for that very reason: stress! Who even cares about wedding diets—

It was pretty cool to be in a wedding where you get to see the bride handle stress well. I got to see my good friend Jenna just handle her resplendent wedding day with a chill vibe. I’ll be excited to be at that point by the wedding day!

I’ll be completely okay with things going wrong on my wedding day. I am actually anticipating all the many things I’m going to forget. I’m not a Type A person, and I’m going to enjoy how imperfectly imperfect the day will be! I just think it’s the last minute checklist that has me in knots. Making sure all of x, y, and z has been ordered. Mapping out designs and going through all the final checklist for the big day. I hope everyone will enjoy celebrating our union.

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