Language of Flowers Part Two: Bouquet Meaning

Lavender-Stock-Stem-500_81e16916I finally got a listing of flowers back from the florist. My wedding bouquet will be an varied arrangement of the following:

  • Lavendar & Yellow Roses = Enchantment at First Sight, Joy/Friendship, Promise of a new Beginning
  • Hydrangeas = Understanding
  • Stock = Contentment, Bonds of Affection/(Lasting Beauty)
  • Alstroemeria = Devotion, Loyalty
  • Freesia  = Innocence
  • Brunia = Chivalrous

I think my bouquet does a great job on symbolizing our relationship. It’s interesting to note, that some flowers meanings have been changed over time, just like in the English language, where they go between positive and negative meanings. The language of flowers is absolutely fascinating, and I’m happy that I was able to find many different symbolism thanks to the Knot, the Language of, and Morrison Gardens.


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