Formal Invitations

I was able to start mailing out formal invitations.

I even learned something interesting about global postage. Apparently, you can’t buy a stamp back due to it being “out of the country”— I just hope my international guests know to RSVP online. ūüėÄ

Furthermore, I’m really excited that the picture book: The Case for Loving: the fight for Interracial Marriage is now published. It’s the cutest book, and will definitely be a book for my future collection. I love it because it succinctly explains¬† the history of marrying outside your race in America. Interracial marriages had to go to the SUPREME COURT—the highest court in the land if a non-white person wanted to marry a white person—-especially if you wanted to LIVE IN THE SOUTH. That just wasn’t done. I’ve heard it growing up, and many of my friends did as well—-all the murmurings:

Mess around, date around, you just know NOT to bring ’em home.

If you need that interpretation, it means you can have your fun in the name of “dating” but if you’re thinking of settling down—-just say no, find yourself a nice person of your said race—and marry them. The New York Times did an AMAZING piece on the Lovings, and here is the Wikipedia article if you just want the facts. There is also a Loving Day organization built of volunteers and enthusiasts who want to promote and honor what the Loving family stood for. It’s so exciting to see the build up of diverse books! The publishing world can keep ’em coming! ‚̧



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