The Language of Flowers

Saturday morning, I had my florist consultation appointment. I didn’t know what to expect, but after hearing the florist say she’s been doing this for seventeen years, I completely relaxed. It was very insightful into the nature of floral arrangements. I just remembered taking flower arranging in Home Economics, entering a competition, and FAILING. I knew flower arranging wasn’t for me! Fortunately, the florist knew her stuff and we were set in about an hour. Here are some things I learned from my experience:

Are you into flowers?

My response is they all look nice. I couldn’t tell a peony from an pansy—-okay, maybe I could, but I wouldn’t say I knew if they stacked up great together. I was surprised to find out (from my maid of honor) how particular one can be about what flowers they want in their arrangement. As long as I can hold it—-it should be fine. She did a great job of asking for my thoughts (which I deferred to my coordinator). I think the colors will look somewhat like the bouquets pictured below:

InStyle Weddings: Elan Flowers  The downtown Manhattan florist combines white peonies and cream spray roses with pastel lavender sweet peas for a subtle yet winter bouquet.    Bouquet by Elan Flowers

There will be more greens, greys, and darker purples, but this is along the lines of the color scheme

How would you like your flowers arranged? This was the most researched question, I had done out of the whole appointment. The only reason why I did this research is because Erin asked me questions about flowers and I kept going—

Who thinks about this stuff, and has made decisions?!  I’ve been out in these streets living my life—–and not concerned AT ALL with all these bouquet arrangements. Anyway, I surfed on Pinterest, and came all prepared with my bouquet choice. I told the lady, “Do you think a cascading bouquet would go well with my dress?”

Her immediate reaction:

Then she explained why. She said I’m short and small, so people wouldn’t see the bouquet as a dress accent, and more of a burden—sorta a “How is she able to hold on to all those flowers?” As much as I would like stunt and act like I could carry that big a bouquet—-while walking down the aisle:

I’m sure in actuality, it would look more like this:

I know some reactions are like “it’s your wedding, if you want a cascading bouquet, you should get one”—-but I value a professionals opinion. I appreciated her honesty. There’s already a betting pool on me falling out of a horse drawn carriage, so I’d hate to make the odds higher by adding on a really heavy bouquet—–

What would you like them wrapped in?

I’m so ignorant when it comes to weddings. I learned that between corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets, they can be wrapped in a myriad of ribbons, non ribbony—-LAWD JESUS—-I can’t believe people have actually thought of all these details. In the end, it was so nice to have help, and I’m happy with the choices I made.

What flower design would you like for table decorations?

These are still being finalized. I do know the florist recommended something light and airy:

– Floral Friday – CraspediaWe may also do planter flowers:

Wedding Bliss Simple Understated Wedding Nuptials| Serafini Amelia| Romantic Floral Centerpiece/ Vintage Books| Wedding Decor
Who knows the final decision? Thankfully, we still have time! My most exciting anticipation, is seeing the final arrangements, and looking up what their flower language means.


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