Engagement Shoot & Updates

Our photographer, Christine Waller, did such an amazing job in this photo shoot. I’m so glad we had this moment to experience her style before our wedding. Christine is fantastic. Tom and I are literally obsessed at how amazing she is stylistically and professionally. I couldn’t have hired a better photographer, and I’ll always be grateful to Erin for suggesting her.  The photos she captured of us, our style, does a great snapshot into our lives. I do want to address a few issues that could be assumed, and just some fun facts about shooting an “after-the fact” engagement session.

  • We did not “match” our outfits. We never talked about our outfits. The most we discussed is we’d bring a few outfits or layers.
  • Our photographer picked a few locations. We briefly yelped the locations, and trusted our photographer. We had no idea what the decor looked like.

My outfit was picked out on behalf of my bridesmaid Neo’s best friend Kanisha. Kanisha is this AMAZING fashion guru, and I use to stalk her blog hardcore. The few times we’ve hung out, she’s always been dressed to the occasion. Actually, it’s Neo’s whole crew. They do a great job of just being so on fashion point. Anyway, I can’t thank her enough for telling me “WEAR THE RED SHOES—they elongate your legs!”

My only worry was that it would not seem believable. I obsess over stoopid things, and I read a few blogs that said the best engagement pictures are done in the moment, and not awkward photo shoots that seem super pose-y. My nerves were definitely there, and Tom’s forte is just getting me to act as if a camera isn’t there. Christine’s advice was simple: “act natural, and kiss sometimes” and I think she did an amazing job as she waited until we seemed to be in our natural habitat. I also didn’t want Tom to look like a “prop.” I think men should shine just as much as women, and I hope that was reflected in the pictures.

One other little note, most couples use their engagement photos as their “Save-the-Date” piece. Our timeline, it just did not work out. I still thought it would be a cool to have an engagement shoot—-because I think it’s nice to see couple shots before the marriage. It’s full circle kinda thing. I’m glad we had the opportunity to do that.

I’m just super happy that Tom and I made a list of wedding items that were important to us. Photography was first. I’m so it’s fantastic to see how that came true for us!

We do have a few things updated. We have one hotel released with more in the final stages. We have also updated our registry. There’s still so much left to do! We do have after-party information, and will be updating that soon, too!


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