We’re Getting There!

This wedding is truly coming together. I nailed down the hardest part: bridesmaid dresses. If you haven’t been involved in a wedding, or will be doing future wedding planning, I’ve gotten plenty of headaches over figuring out how this may look. I am all about pleasing the majority (I won’t lie), and I didn’t want my friends to grumble behind my back over prices or fit—-they may still, BUT I WANTED TO LET THEM KNOW I TRIED. I just get neurotic about this decision because I will see these pictures for the rest of my life—-and I would hate to be featured in a forum’s horror story.

Bridesmaid dresses are one of the insanest parts of a wedding. I think the factors that concern me the most (which I’ve read arguments either way are as follows):

  • Price
  • Style

I think it’s easier if you are a decisive bride who has their heart set on “this dress, or this designer…” or if you have the bride mentality of IDGAF:


I just can’t do that. My closet is too full of second hand pieces to start demanding that my friends pay for a $260+ dress. It’s so crazy to think of that being the base price and doesn’t factor in the following: shipping and handling, and/or any alterations needed. I read a whole forum of arguments from brides who demanded that “It doesn’t matter—-and if that’s what you want, and someone can’t afford it—they should not have agreed. I just think it’s completely unreasonable to ask that of my own principles. That being said the hardest part is style. I feel you can always find something in whatever color you want, but figuring out a style—-is such a headache. I just kept uttering my wedding’s motto:

Simple Sophistication

That’s my theme of this wedding. If it’s going to be a whimsical one, I want people to see the simple elegance of the day. That being said, I’m all for trends.

I also, love the idea of having “pops” of color. I’m all about trends (I’m sure my future kids will laugh at how dated I appeared), but I liked the idea of mismatched colors. I also liked the idea of tulle skirts, and may have my after party dress of that material. My colors won’t be true to the featured image, but it will be an idea of what to expect. I’m just glad to have that decision finalized.

I do have other projects in the works—the biggest ones being:

  • Save the date cards
  • Engagement Shoot
  • Catering
  • Music

I have others that are also in the works, and will be revealed over time. Now on to styling the Groomsmen!


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