Groomsmen Update!

Whoo-hoooo! We’re getting the party started on this blog. We are firming up the wedding party—and what a big wedding party it will be!

If you must know the size of our wedding party, or why we chose a big wedding party, maybe it’s because of the following:

  • We both thrive on a little chaos
  • We also want to make all our friends feel special

That being said, we just want to have fun! We’re not trying to impress anyone, and just honest-to-God want people who want to share in our happiness. Even if it makes us (or me) a little neurotic because I’m not a last minute planner or worrier. I want all the big lockdowns out of the way to make make room for enjoying my impending marriage!

That being said, we hope our wedding party will enjoy having fun with us throughout this whole process.


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