Wedding Coordinator & More! Six Months Away!

Ahhhhh! I have a wedding coordinator! WHOOOO-HOOOO! My FAVORITE CANADIAN (who is now an American) annnnnnnd took us on this awesome Hamilton/Toronto/Ontario trip, has graciously agreed to help be my event coordinator, as well as, mistress of ceremonies. Katy is professional events manager, and has planned weddings before. She gave me the accent color of yellow as that last “popping” detail. I can’t wait to surprise my mom (her favorite color is yellow) so this just makes the wedding that special.

Background wedding details: My parents were married in a courthouse in 1972. They couldn’t afford to have a wedding, and they have communicated that regret to me growing up. My dad (is a beautifully sentimental person) stated that he would like to give me a wedding just like they never had. Ahhh! I’m going to cry. My parents are the best. Anyway, Katy brings her skills and expertise which makes me so happy! Also, Tom and I are claiming her as travel partners for life.

Just a few updated details:

  • Working on securing a photographer
  • In process of firming up catering details
  • Working on securing musicians
  • Firming up details on wedding party style and decor
  • Working on a guest list

I’ve gotten a few questions about my reasoning to blog. Is it something to do? Is there a purpose?

  • I like to think that blogging about my experiences helps make me less neurotic.
  • I also like to process my experiences and I think years from now it will be special to share with children of my own—-this piece of wedding work:

what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver


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