Breathing Life into Wedding Planning

lemon lavender wedding colors paletteWell! This wedding is taking shape. I just love how Tom and I plan because we have this planning telepathic connection where when I finally firm up an idea (“my” wedding color scheme) to express, he’s told a friend his idea (what colors he would like)—which, we find out is the identical to each other, especially when I’ve become decisive like “there is no room for arguments here—and it is unnecessary, because it’s the same idea, which makes us laugh. Does that sound confusing? I’m sure it does.

Well! To explain, I’m pretty sure you know my engagement ring is purple. I’ve wanted purple in a wedding. Jeanessa even confirmed with me that my wedding should be purple. Yet, I know there are 95,000 shades of purple (<—- yes I do exaggerate on a high level), and my mother told me to go to a paint store to figure it out. My mom’s the best, super practical. Love it.

I did the next best thing, and called Erin. She recommended visiting Pinterest to see different wedding shades of purple. I did just that. I settled on Lavender. Yet, I needed an accent color and something that screamed summer wedding!

Between a conversation with my wedding party and my new wedding coordinator (which I’ll explain in the next post) I found my wedding colors. The difference from this featured palette is the grey will be much darker. The yellow will be featured between sunshine and lemon.

Now, on to the next details: figuring out the style of bridesmaid dresses!


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